Jason McDaniel is a seasoned expert with 25 years of comprehensive experience in global business, development, investment, and real estate, including operations, contract negotiation, and settlement. His professional journey spans across major markets in Australia, Europe, Asia, and the UAE, collaborating with some of the world's leading companies. Jason is particularly renowned for his property investment acumen throughout Australia, especially in the niche of NDIS SDA housing investments. His unique insights into identifying and capitalizing on these investment opportunities are highly valued by a broad spectrum of investors, from beginners to large institutional funds. Known for his reliability, honesty, and proactive demeanor, Jason has established and maintained enduring relationships with highly capable and reputable investors, developers, suppliers, and contractors. In the real estate and property development sectors, Jason is esteemed for his extensive expertise in negotiating and acquiring large, undeveloped sites, which he skillfully transforms into high-value residential estates. Should you wish to discuss property opportunities or seek advice, Jason is available for consultations at your convenience. Please contact him to schedule an appointment.