Kelli is a key member of the administrative support team at Radius Real Estate, where her dedication and expertise ensure the seamless operation of the office. Her role is critical in managing the daily administrative functions that enable the real estate team to perform at its best. Kelli excels in a variety of administrative duties, including document management, client scheduling, and the maintenance of office records. Her thoroughness in managing real estate transactions, from initial contact through to finalization, ensures that all processes are executed efficiently and accurately. With a strong background in customer service, Kelli is adept at creating a welcoming and professional environment for clients. She is skilled in communication, able to handle inquiries with poise and professionalism, making her a reliable point of contact for clients seeking guidance or information. Her proactive approach to problem-solving and ability to anticipate the needs of the team make her an invaluable asset at Radius Real Estate. Kelli's commitment to excellence not only supports the logistical needs of the office but also contributes significantly to the overall client experience, reinforcing the reputation of Radius Real Estate as a leader in the industry.